Want to impress a graduating Marine recruit exiting boot camp, or a retiring Marine?

We have you covered!

We also have emblems available for Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navy (officer and enlisted), Marine Officer (+ enlisted shown at left), Air Force (Hap Arnold, and modern), as well as some fraternal orders!

This is the fun part of the website!

Here you are going to see what special stuff we can do… As I like to say at the shows, “Yes, the fancier the knife, the fancier the price!” , but if you want to really impress someone, you’re in the right place!

Each varied handle treatment involves a different add on cost. As mentioned in other places on the website, DymondWood is the basic, stabilized burl costs more as well as inlay work.

Prices for emblems can vary, standard designs like what you see above are $20 additional.

Custom designs are available, and prices will vary depending on the design complexity…. ask!

Unique materials and lay-ups always make for

great conversation pieces!

Handmade chevron or herringbone inlays in gemstone material , $20 per strip. On folding knives (includes both sides of the knife)

A Carving set from our Standard Kitchen Cutlery can become a truly one of a kind presentation with the addition of Stabilized Burl  ($60) and a large strip of Turquoise ($30)…

In our example on the right, we’ve dressed up a Bandera hunting knife with 2 strips of Turquoise, a strip of jet, and a vee of white pearl polyester. This is an example of a $60 add on in standard gemstone material... higher in “Lightning or Atlantis” gemstones, which feature a gold matrix.

Single strips of inlay (either chevron or herringbone pattern) as shown in these images are $50 add-ons to any fixed blade knife or folding knife.

Diamond Inlay is very complex and consumes a lot of material… but oh so unique!  $75.00 additional.

Two inlay strips, with pearl inverted vee would be a $55 ad-on

Gifts Of DistinctionLetter Openers

Letter openers make great gifts! Male, female, makes no difference, if your recipient has a desk, they have a place for a letter opener!   Pricing on Letter openers ranges from $119.95 to $189.95.  It depends on the handle materials used and whether the letter opener has burl/hardwood on one side with the design on the other, or whether it has design on both sides...

Blade EngravingTwo lines of engraving - on side 1 of the knife.

Personalizing a knife by engraving your recipients name on the blade serves 2 purposes… Like a lock on a front door, it keeps honest people honest. Another hunter in a hunting camp is far less likely to lift a knife from another hunter if his name is engraved on the blade.

Secondly, it shows that you cared enough to have it done!


The only thing that limits what can be put on a blade is the size of the blade itself. We do not recommend putting long sentiments on a blade, especially referencing departed loved ones.

Putting the gift givers name on one side, and the recipients name on the other is in most cases somewhat  tacky…. we can assure you, the person receiving the knife will remember who gave them the knife!


It is possible to have company logos and club names and logos, engraved on the blade. This is outsourced to an engraver who has a computerized laser engraver.  Although more expensive than the engraving we do here in house, it is not unreasonable.


Blade Engraving: $8.00 per line


1978201941 Yearsof Fine Handcrafted Knives & Sheaths

It’s always said, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” .  Well no, we didn’t invent the money clip… but we like to think we make some pretty darned nice ones. Although this is a departure from our other products, after Bob loosing his money clip right before a major show, he was unable to find a replacement.  So he said why not make them myself! Be sure to check our WebShow page for our current offering.

Small Gemstone Money Clips are $35 ea

Large Gemstone Money Clips are $55 ea

Small Money Clips with emblems are $55 ea - Call for emblem availability!  We have Masonic, Firefighters, and most branches of the Services.

Large Money Clips with emblems are $75 ea

Money Clips